Anyone you has read my Relaxed Cook blog knows that I really love cooking.  I enjoy the opportunity to be creative and find an outlet for daily stressors.  One of the best things of cooking a meal is watching your family and friends enjoy it.  Lucky for me I am married and my husband loves to eat…well of course he does he is Italian.  (more…)

I would never consider myself to be a girlie girl.  I am not one to fuss over make-up and hair, but there is one piece of pampering that I do love…the spa.  (more…)

I love to travel and so does my husband, but you would not know it by all the fussing he does when I start planning a vacation.  From the moment I start talking about our next vacation he starts complaining about taking the time off work or the money involved in going on a vacation.  (more…)

I know that it is a cliche to say that husbands do not listen to their wives, but it was not until after I was married that I truly understood the depths of this issue and how it would effect my marriage.  (more…)

There comes a time in every couples marriage where there is talk of babies.  My hubby and I have a very happy marriage so when we started talking about having a family I was concerned about messing up the secret sauce, so to speak.  (more…)

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