There comes a time in every couples marriage where there is talk of babies.  My hubby and I have a very happy marriage so when we started talking about having a family I was concerned about messing up the secret sauce, so to speak.  I was so worried about what having a baby would do to our lives that I became obsessed with learning as much as I could so that we could make an informed decision.  I really envy those women who are born knowing that they want to be a mom, unfortunately I think I was born without the mom-gene so I spent a lot of time really weighing the options.  After many “what if” conversations (e.g, what if I can’t balance work, home and a child, what if I am a bad mother, what if we don’t have enough time left for each other….) with my hubby he finally said “what else to we have to do” which might sound like a strange response but it responses and reasoning like that that made me fall in love with him.  One of the best things about my husband is his ability to put things in perspective.  I tend to be high strung and obsessive at times as I was getting with what felt like a monumental decision to have a child, but my hubby did what he always does…makes be see the possibilities not just the challenges.  It only took us six years, a dozen books, and 10,000 conversions discussing the pros/cons of parenthood for us to decide to take the plunge and try to start a family.

I know that there have to be other couples out there that had a hard time making the decision to start a family…if you are out there I would love to hear from you.