I love to travel and so does my husband, but you would not know it by all the fussing he does when I start planning a vacation.  From the moment I start talking about our next vacation he starts complaining about taking the time off work or the money involved in going on a vacation.  I should probably explain the hubby and I take two vacations a year, one more low key vacation and one big vacation where we pull out all the stops….scuba diving, shopping, sightseeing.  After listening to all of his belly-aching over the years while I was planning vacations and his glorious reviews of how much he loves getting away once we were actually on vacation.  From all of his bipolar coversations about vacation I learned one important lesson…ignore him.

Since I am such a planner, planning a vacation is fun for me.  I really like the excitement of finding a new place to visit and the prospect of trying something new.  For awhile, my hubby’s negativity was dampening my excitement, but now that I have started ignoring him I have been able to really enjoy the experience of planning a spectacular vacation.  Unfortunately, after the plans are made I still need to talk with hubby to discuss the vacation before I make the final reservations so I do hear some of his complaining, but it minimual…thank goodness. 

I am currently in the ignoring  phase of planning our larger vacation for this year, but I will have to get him involved in the near future…wise me luck.

Does anyone else have this much trouble planning a vacation with their husband?