Anyone you has read my Relaxed Cook blog knows that I really love cooking.  I enjoy the opportunity to be creative and find an outlet for daily stressors.  One of the best things of cooking a meal is watching your family and friends enjoy it.  Lucky for me I am married and my husband loves to eat…well of course he does he is Italian.  Lately it seems I find myself eating alone because my hubby’s work schedule has becoming increasingly erratic, which has made it difficult for him to make it home for dinner.  I enjoy have a dinner partner so much that I tend to change our meal times to accommodate his schedule, but unfortunately  that does not always work and so I am left alone to enjoy my own create.  Yes I know you may think that I am crazy, but I still cook even if it will only be for me…I am a firm believer that everyone deserves a home cooked meal.  And if you are going to have to eat alone you might as well have something to look forward to…the food since you will not have the conversation.  Well and maybe the wine…don’t forget the wine.