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Real Wife Time

I would never consider myself to be a girlie girl.  I am not one to fuss over make-up and hair, but there is one piece of pampering that I do love…the spa.  (more…)

What I mean is I love vampire TV series, movies, and novels.  Fortunately, Hubby really likes them as well except for when I made him go see Twilight…he said the movie made his testicles shrink into ovaries, which I thought was a little melodramatic but funny.  (more…)

 I have never been one for reality TV shows, but I do have a hidden weakness…embarrassing fashion sites.  My two favorite sites are That’s Tragic ( and People of Wal-Mart (  (more…)

I love to cook and when I have a bad day I cannot wait to get home to take out my anger on some unsuspecting chicken breast that needs to be beat into submission with my mallet.  Many of my co-workers think that I am crazy to go home and cook after a hard day, but I feel like cooking is time just for me to be creative.  (more…)