I every marriage there are bound to be fights, disagreements, and loud discussions.  However, there are just times when talking just isn’t enough.  My hubby and I have always enjoyed rough-housing and picking on one another, which was a great way to get out martial aggression.  (more…)

What I mean is I love vampire TV series, movies, and novels.  Fortunately, Hubby really likes them as well except for when I made him go see Twilight…he said the movie made his testicles shrink into ovaries, which I thought was a little melodramatic but funny.  (more…)

 I have never been one for reality TV shows, but I do have a hidden weakness…embarrassing fashion sites.  My two favorite sites are That’s Tragic (www.thatstragic.com) and People of Wal-Mart (www.peopleofwalmart.com).  (more…)

For all my husband’s talents (hardworking and extremely handy around the house) he has no skills in the fashion department.  The scary part was that I did not know this when we got married.  When my husband and I first met he always looked so nice in his khaki pants and polo shirts little did I know that it was his engineer uniform…no matter what color shirt you have it always goes with khaki pants…which required no fashion ability.  (more…)

As with most young couples we love spending time making our house into a home.  As I have said before, I am very lucky to have a handy hubby (even with all the bruises, cuts, and stitches) and he is willing to help me fulfill my dream of having the perfect home.  While most people were spending the holiday season shopping for gifts we were looking for the perfect color to create a romantic retreat in our bedroom and a comforting living room.  (more…)

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